Okay, maybe you're wondering what's with the kiddy pics? But isn't everyone curious about how we all started out? The truth is my "photo album" is a little sparse because I HATE having my picture taken. Ask anyone...I am seriously camera-phopic. Probably because my mom took so many photos of us as kids. Now I could fill pages with those. But I do want to overcome my fear and add photos to this album occasionally. So watch for updates.

Young budding author at six? Actually I was already writing and illustrating "books" by this time. But in this shot I'm wearing my favorite dress and one that my mom made.

My sister Melisa and me on Easter...like a long, long time ago. And those petticoats were itchy!

My sister and me again...this time it's Christmas and those are our beloved kitties, Lucifer and Imp. Okay, we still wonder what was up with out mom to let us chose such "devilish" names for our cats.

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